The Gingerbread Man

by Jim Aylesworth, Barbara McClintock, and Robert McCracken

A roaring fire burns in the fireplace, teacups can be seen on end tables, a framed... read more

A roaring fire burns in the fireplace, teacups can be seen on end tables, a framed portrait hangs near the mantle where lovely flower arrangements and decorative plates are placed, and a cat plays with a ball of yarn from a knitting basket when a little old woman stopped reading and suggested making a gingerbread man. Yes, let's do! said a little old man whose reading has been interrupted by that sudden possibility. Wearing their aprons this genteel pair shaped the little arms, and they shaped the little legs...with raisins they made the little eyes and the little nose...then with sugar glaze, they dressed him in a fancy suit of clothes. This is no ordinary retelling of a familiar cumulative tale but rather a handsomely designed, full-color version printed on heavy creamy paper with hand- lettered display type. It's not too fancy to catch the fancy of the preschoolers who will enjoy Aylesworth's spirited oral style. There's enormous child appeal in the cookie chase involving McClintock's wonderfully costumed butcher with a knife, a black-and-white cow, and a muddy old sow. All wind up staring sadly at the fox. He hadn't left a single crumb for anyone. The artwork was rendered in watercolor, sepia ink, and gouache. (Ages 3-6)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 1998

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