Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

by J.K. Rowling Book 4 of the Harry Potter Series

J.K. Rowling’s fourth Harry Potter novel, which the author describes as “pivotal”... read more

J.K. Rowling’s fourth Harry Potter novel, which the author describes as “pivotal” in the planned cycle of seven, continues her trademark blend of highly imaginative plotting, wonderfully realized characters, humor, and compelling dramatic action. The now routine life at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is never without surprises for Harry, 14. But Rowling adds a fresh twist to Harry’s fourth year with the introduction of an international wizarding competition that brings students from schools of witchcraft and wizardry in two other nations to Hogwarts for the year. When Harry is called upon to be a contestant in the competition, no one is more surprised than he. He suspects that someone who wishes him harm has nominated him. The first boy‑girl dance for Harry and his friends also complicates life, as adolescent desires and uncertainties make for funny, poignant interactions among the students. The result is a plot‑driven adventure that builds swiftly to another gripping--and chilling--climax. The lines are drawn more clearly and powerfully than ever before in the ongoing struggle of good versus evil. But intriguing and complex questions remain about the intentions and motivations of individual characters . Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire also offers more mature readers the opportunity to think about issues of economic and social justice as they play out in that magical world. (Age 8 and older)

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