Unusual Creatures: A Mostly Accurate Account of Some of Earth's Strangest Animals

by Michael Hearst, Jelmer Noordeman, Christie Wright, and Arjen Noordeman

In his introduction, the author defines “unusual creature” as an “animal... read more

In his introduction, the author defines “unusual creature” as an “animal that looks, sounds, smells, or acts in a way that makes you stop and say, 'Whoa, dude! What’s up with that?’” This collection of fifty animals, presented in alphabetical order, seems likely to provoke just that response in most readers. From the axolotl (which regenerates body parts) through the yeti crab (whose hair-covered legs inspired the hirsute name), each animal is presented with a box of strictly factual information, supplemented by entertaining tidbits—more facts, a quiz, or a news-related story—and a large colored ink illustration. The book’s opening pages outline biological classification, while an end note addresses issues of animal extinction and human impact on the environment. A personal tone and humorous style enhance the accessibility of this fascinating volume. (Ages 7–12)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2013

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