Lair of Dreams

by Libba Bray

In the second volume of the Diviners series, a mysterious and deadly sleeping sickness... read more

In the second volume of the Diviners series, a mysterious and deadly sleeping sickness has hit New York City. Dreams turn to nightmares and, eventually, people never wake. The sickness first appears in Chinatown, and the city’s first response is to quarantine Chinese and Chinese Americans, although the sickness has already spread. Chinatown resident Ling and musician Henry both are dreamwalkers. They first meet in a dream and soon discover their dreamwalking powers are enhanced when they’re together. The more time they spend in dreams, the weaker they grow in the waking world. Still, they return again and again, especially when they begin to suspect the source of the sleeping sickness now gripping the city may be the ghost of a young Chinese woman they’ve encountered in their dreaming. Her tragic story of exploitation is a direct result of strict anti-Chinese immigration laws. This character-driven, supernatural, historic thriller examines social justice issues related to race, gender, immigration, and sexuality. The novel’s rich themes are expanded through the continuing stories of Evie, Sam, Memphis, Theta, and Jericho that Bray also develops, hinting at things to come while offering astute and thought-provoking commentary on the distortion of patriotism, religion, and science for power and control. (Age 13 and older)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016

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