by Mary Sullivan

“Frankie’s home,” says the owner of a newly adopted small dog,... read more

“Frankie’s home,” says the owner of a newly adopted small dog, and Frankie is all wagging tail and high-point ears on hearing it. Taking the idea of belonging to heart, Frankie wonders if everything else she sees is hers, too. The ball? (“Frankie’s ball?”) The bone? The (stuffed) puppy? The rope? The blankie? The bed? She comes to each new object with hopeful enthusiasm, only to have both object and enthusiasm snatched away by Nico, the old dog already in residence. (“Nico’s ball … bone … ” etc.) Irrepressible Frankie doesn’t stay sad long, however. She’s just finished collecting an array of substitute items from around the house when she hears her name being called (“Frankie’s name! Frankie’s name!”). A treasure trove of items like Nico’s have been bought just for her along with one little something extra. “Nico’s frog?” wonders the old dog. Nope. The minimal text is paired with expressive pencil and digitally colored illustrations that capture Frankie’s exuberance, Nico’s crabby resistance to change, and a final moment of endearing detente in a delightful picture book beginning readers may also enjoy. (Ages 3-7)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2018

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