by Cecil Castellucci

Katy is not a music lover. When her mother heads to Peru on an archeological expedition,... read more

Katy is not a music lover. When her mother heads to Peru on an archeological expedition, Katy is sent off to visit her father in L. A. , where she describes her response to a live show: “It’s not easy to listen to. It’s scary. I like music to be in the background. Not in my face.” As the daughter of The Rat, drummer of the infamous rock band Suck, Katy’s lack of musical ambition comes as a surprise to many. That includes Lake, daughter of another Suck original member, who has intense musical ambitions. Lake shows her contempt for Katy’s disinterest, and what she perceives as her bland personal style, by nick-naming her “Beige.” When Katy’s tenure in L. A. is extended against her wishes, she finds herself involved in the lives of her new acquaintances: Lake, with her driving musical aspirations; Garth, an uncool Skater boy who idolizes The Rat; and Leo, a gorgeous teen who inspires Katy to infatuation. There’s also Trixie, a burlesque dancer and The Rat’s girlfriend, and her young son, Auggie. And there’s The Rat himself, with a personal history clouded by substance abuse, but a responsible wish to truly act as Katy’s father for the first time. With chapter titles taken from songs and band names, Beige rocks to the underlying music that drives this novel from start to finish as Katy learns to look outside her narrow comfort zone for friendship and love. (Age 13 and older)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008

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