The Unfinished Angel

by Sharon Creech

“Me, I am an angel. I am supposed to be having all the words in all the languages,... read more

“Me, I am an angel. I am supposed to be having all the words in all the languages, but I am not. Many are missing. I am also not having a special assignment. I think I did not get all the training.” The uncertain angel living in the tower of Casa Rosa, a Swiss villa, is a bit put out when Mr. Pomodoro and his daughter, Zola, arrive from America. Zola, it turns out, can see the angel, and Zola is full of ideas of what angels are like and what angels are supposed to do. So when Zola discovers that some orphans are living in an old barn nearby, she assumes the angel can make sure the children are taken care of. After the first attempt to help the children backfires, the angel ends up hiding them—with Zola’s help—in Casa Rosa. Meanwhile, the children’s thievery—they were stealing to survive— has heightened tensions between neighbors in the small village where Casa Rosa is located, and the angel, who finds people very confusing, is at wits’ end trying to work things out. Sharon Creech’s charming story has tender notions and a happy ending sure to satisfy, along with a singular, sweetly funny character (“I am all downside up”) who offers many astute observations. (Ages 8–11)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2010

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