Anne Frank in the World

by Anne Frank House

Anne Frank continues to fascinate young people, and her important story continues... read more

Anne Frank continues to fascinate young people, and her important story continues to be explored in new ways in literature for the young. This compilation of photographs from the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam goes beyond the few familiar pictures of Anne found in other books and incorporates photos documenting German aggression and the Holocaust. The text is comprised of short, informative narratives that precede each photographic section and provide a good background to the climate and events in Germany and The Netherlands surrounding Anne Frank and her family from the 1920s through the war’s end. Two especially welcome aspects of the narrative are the discussions of the lack of widespread protest by the populace to the increasingly restrictive and punitive measures against the Jews, and of the anti-Semitism and other types of intolerance that continue today. Two unfortunate errors in the text are a mistaken reference to Theresienstadt being in Germany rather than Czechoslovakia (it is correctly stated in one place and incorrectly stated in another) and the identification of the disease that killed Anne and her sister, Margot, as typhoid. It was actually typhus. Nonetheless, this volume has much for young-adult and adult readers to examine and consider. (Age 12 and older)

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