An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming

by Al Gore

This volume adapted from A New Generation, Gore’s book for adults, focuses... read more

This volume adapted from A New Generation, Gore’s book for adults, focuses on the history and science of global warming and the impact of climate change on the earth. The straightforward narrative and compelling visuals jump from idea to idea, designed to showcase cause and effect as they highlight the stunning environmental changes that have taken place in recent decades, and the impact those changes have had on the lives of plants, animals, and people. Gore clearly understands the need to leave his audience empowered rather than merely overwhelmed, ending with a chapter titled “Crisis=Opportunity” that documents real-world solutions that can make a difference, and the Kyoto Protocol that has been adopted by many nations around the world, and individual cities in the United States. Older children and teens who have seen the movie An Inconvenient Truth will recognize the substance of this book from Gore’s public lectures on climate change that are documented in that film. They can turn to this volume as a refresher on facts and figures, and for provocative examples of global warming’s impact on the earth. Those unfamiliar with the film, or with the scope of the issue, will find this an accessible—and sobering—introduction to the topic. (Ages 11–16)

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