The Sculptor

by Scott McCloud

Young sculptor David Smith’s career is in a tailspin. Struggling artistically,... read more

Young sculptor David Smith’s career is in a tailspin. Struggling artistically, he has lost gallery representation. Then he makes a deal with Death: For 200 days David will have the ability to transform his artistic visions into reality using whatever material he touches. Then he’ll die. David’s excitement to begin creating his legacy is short-lived: Before the end of the first day he meets Meg and quickly falls in love with her. Their love is revealed passionately and sweetly in a graphic novel that vibrates with energy and delves deeply into creativity. New York City comes alive, from the highbrow world of fine art to the gritty and electric world of guerilla and street art. The impact of ego and insecurity, the double-edged sword of patronage and money in the art world, and conflicting ideas about beauty and what art is, all come into play. Through it all, David and Meg are navigating the reality of an inevitable end. There is so much for mature teen readers to latch onto emotionally in this fast-paced story that also takes numerous plot twists and turns. The clean style of the art and the techniques used to show memory and otherworldly elements are all extremely effective. (Age 15 and older)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2016

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