The Oracle Betrayed

by Catherine Fisher Book 1 of the Oracle Prophecies Series

As the youngest, she’s the least of the Nine who serve the god, but Mirany... read more

As the youngest, she’s the least of the Nine who serve the god, but Mirany appreciates the privileges of her position: light duties, good food, plenty of water. An astute observer of the political manipulations of those above her, Mirany doubts that her religion is anything more than a façade used by temple rulers and military leaders to further their own agendas. Her unspoken cynicism crumbles when the god speaks to her, drawing her into a desperate struggle for control. Mirany discovers unlikely allies in a young scribe and a drunken musician, and the three work together to install a legitimate leader before their enemies bring their own candidate to power. This first book in a planned trilogy offers a richly imagined society, based on elements drawn from ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures. Taut pacing and plenty of action are well balanced with provocative questions about faith, belief, and moral responsibility. Although this volume succeeds as a stand-alone fantasy, its sudden ending will undoubtedly whet appetites for the rest of Mirany’s story. (Age 13 and older)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2005

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