by Remi Courgeon

Paulina—a.k.a. Feather, because she’s so small—lives with her father... read more

Paulina—a.k.a. Feather, because she’s so small—lives with her father and three older brothers. She tends to get the short end of the stick at home. Her brothers are bigger and stronger than she and when the siblings fight one another to determine who will do the chores, Feather usually loses. One evening, she announces she’s going to swap piano (her favorite pastime) for boxing. As she begins her training, Feather also begins to stand up for herself, asking that her family call her by her real name, Paulina. Inspired by other women “who had bravely made a place for themselves in the world,” Paulina’s confidence grows along with her muscles, and soon she is ready for her big match. When she pulls on her boxing gloves, she is surprised to find slips of paper inside: long-overdue notes of encouragement and support from her father and brothers. Paulina’s hard-won victory at the match inspires changes at home and increased respect for Paulina, who, having proven herself, decides to put away her gloves for good and return to her piano. The boldly colored illustrations in this oversize picture book excel at framing Paulina as a small but mighty presence on each page. (Ages 4-9)

© Cooperative Children's Book Center, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, 2018

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